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Dealing with dust is an ongoing challenge no matter whose home or office you're cleaning. It's static qualities can make it seem like an endless battle! Do you ever finish dusting and feel as though it looks like you haven't dusted at all? Ever feel as though it is pointless even dusting? Well here are some suggestions that you may find useful. I use all of these techniques in my client homes//businesses and they work. You just have to figure out what combination of products/techniques work best for you and your dusting needs.

Use anti-static dusting cloth or mitt

Use damp (not wet) cloth even on wood services or glass cleaner on glass. The wet keeps the dust from flying around and re-settling so you can eliminate that dust instead of just displacing it.

Use a proven safe wood clean, spray, oil, or cream....try to find one that has little to now residue build up and that conditions wood. Just products have improved greatly over the past 10 yrs.

Vacuum it up. The vacuum is another great way to reduce and eliminate the dust you are trying to clean up.

Bruce Hardwood floor Cleaner. This product is amazing! No just on floors but on wood surfaces in general. If you are looking for a wood cleaner/conditioner that is natural and leaves no residue then you should definitely try it! It will be as gentle as a damp cloth on your water and it excellent for deterring dust as well as any regular wood cleaner/polish.

If you are going to use a hand duster of some sort the key is keeping them clean and dust free. Especially the wool ones tend to trap dust and re-deposit it in the air or on items you are dusting. They are good as long as you wash them out. If they are the disposable ones make sure you have a fresh refill on your handle so as not to stir up more dust. These types of dusters ad fast and efficient but must be kept clean if you don't want to create more work for yourself.

Once more suggestion dealing with dust is t reduce your amount of dust in the 1st place! Make sure if you have a humidifier to keep it set high enough. Lack of moisture in the air is just asking for relentless dust. Don't have a humidifier? Well, you may find it a very worthwhile and time consuming investment not to mention it has other benefits as well such as helping with allergies and dry skin.

Good luck with your dust busters everyone! Here is to a simply clean lifestyle!

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Dealing With Dust

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This article was published on 2010/04/03