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Dust allergies are caused by dust mites that live in places that are warm, maybe humid and a presence of food for them to thrive and grow. These places include carpets, pillows, blankets, curtains and mattresses just to mention a few. Therefore, it is possible that all households are infested with mites when proper care is neglected. The droppings from dust mites contain substances that cause this allergy to occur in the first place and this reaction may continue to occur long after the mites have died.

When you are suffering from this type of allergy, you tend to sneeze, cough or sniff particularly when you around a place that has a lot of dust. Unfortunately, no matter how many times you try to vacuum your carpet a day, you can never get rid of these mites completely. Take note that a dust allergy does not necessarily mean that your house is unclean or not clean enough. A single spec of dust is home to a thousand dust mites.

The symptoms of dust allergy are somewhat similar to those of hay fever. These may include, sneezing, watery eyes, coughing and you may end up with a runny nose. In extreme circumstances, you may have trouble in breathing and your eyes may begin to itch. Usually this will occur when you are cleaning the house, particularly the carpet or the curtains.

Fortunately, you can control dust mites in your home in order to reduce any dust allergies around you.

You can kill dust mites that are present in your blankets if you leave them or hang them in direct sunlight for at least four hours. These little creatures cannot survive in high heat and under dry conditions.

Always store your clothes, especially anything woolen in dry places that are also well heated. You might as well use the aspect of heat when trying to get rid of these mites from our homes.

To help control or reduce the amount of dust entering your bedroom, make use of cheesecloth by covering all the air vents with it.

Benzyl benzoate is a type of acaracide that is used to kill these mites. Make use of it when you are vacuuming the house. These chemicals are effective when it comes to killing dust mites.

A sure way of reducing their numbers in your home is to leave them starve. This means, keeping any of your pets from the bedroom and refraining from eating in the bedroom as well. In addition, a shower before bedtime is ideal.

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Dust Allergy

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This article was published on 2010/03/27