How Effective is Dust Control Equipment?

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When searching for the right dust control equipment for your problem, the type and source of your dust is where you should start when searching for a solution.

If it is an indoor dust problem you have and the result from a manufacturing process, then containment at the source is the best approach. If the dust that is produced can be sprayed with water and reintegrated into your process, like coal mining, then a set of spray nozzles should be located where the creation of dust is predominantly occurs. Common areas where this problem occurs usually involve cutting, drilling or transporting of a material. While a variety of wetting agents exist, water is the most common form and is the most inexpensive.

If the dust cannot be returned to the process, then a mechanical means to transport it out is required. This will involve a collection hood that negotiates the dust through a series of ducts. This suspends the dust in the air. Before the dust can fall out of the air, a collection tank is needed in the duct work. This is where the dust is separated from the air. At the end of the duct work is the air power supply. This is a fan that must have sufficient power to keep the particles airborne until the desired separation occurs in the collection tank.

For outdoors problems, the task is much easier. The typical problem is caused by soil. By maintaining the proper amount of moisture in the soil, most dust problems can be avoided. For construction sites, the best piece of dust control equipment for this job is a tanker truck fitted with spray nozzles to wet the top soil.

Another useful piece of dust control equipment is the mister fan. This is the same type of fan used on the sidelines of major sporting events to keep athletes cool. This same equipment can knock dust out of the air and can therefore solve the dust problem in a confined or limited area.

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How Effective is Dust Control Equipment?

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This article was published on 2010/03/27